James Roberts – Full Stack WordPress Developer

Hi, I’m James. I’m a full-stack WordPress developer based in the UK, with over 13 years of experience in building quality-driven, highly effective WordPress solutions. I’ve worked with clients ranging from small agencies to large WordPress giants, such as Automattic and WPEngine.

13+ Years Experience

200+ Projects Completed

50+ Clients Worldwide


By keeping up to date with the latest developments in WordPress, and continuously improving my skills, I have been able to tailor my expertise to the latest WordPress technology, taking a block-based approach to everything I do.

Block Theme Development

I can create bespoke custom block themes for WordPress, based on your specific project requirements.

Custom Block Development

If you need a WordPress block that is not included in core, I can create a custom block that meets your exact specifications.

Custom Plugin Development

By creating bespoke plugins for WordPress, I’m able to add custom functionality to your website in a clean and WordPress-friendly manner.

Full-site Build

From concept through to deployment, I’m able to handle every aspect of getting your website online. This includes branding, website design, WordPress development, project management, and more.

Technology and Workflow

Certain areas of my workflow can vary from project to project, but in general, I tend to always use the same best practices.


I always approach WordPress projects with a block-based mindset – WordPress development has changed a lot over the last few years, which now means building block themes rather than traditional PHP themes and adding content via blocks rather than custom fields.


I use the tried and tested GitHub Flow. This consists of a repository with all custom development, and new branches for any new feature that needs to be added. These branches are then merged as needed (usually into a ‘development’ branch before the ‘main’ branch), allowing for asynchronous collaboration between developers.


I create well-structured, well-organised, and well-documented code in the following languages:

  1. PHP.
  2. JavaScript / ReactJS / jQuery.
  3. HTML.
  4. CSS / SASS.

In addition to the above languages, I also specialise in technologies such as MySQL, Webpack, and Node.


It is important to me that I am ALWAYS following the WordPress coding standards. To do this, I make sure to:

  1. Run all PHP through PHPCS, configured to the official WP coding standards (or the official WP-Extra coding standards, depending on the project).
  2. Run all JS through ESLint.
  3. Run all SASS through StyleLint.


Since 2019, I have been a proud member of Codeable – Codeable is a community of quality-driven WordPress developers, with a rigorous application process, accepting only 2% of applications.

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Codeable’s Mission

To create a better way for businesses and WordPress professionals to collaborate remotely — a way that values quality, community, trust and care over competing on the lowest price. A way to build with heart!

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